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FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS OF MY FEBRUARY 2021 PROGRAMME I WILL BE RUNNING MY NEXT ONE IN SEPTEMBER 2021. If you are interested in signing up just email and I can contact you closer to the time with full details.

Feedback from those who took part in February's programme below along with further details on the programme.

“Loved your whole delivery this evening. Very clear, you had everything covered so well. Thoroughly enjoyed your webinar. You are a great teacher and your passion for your work shines through. I’ve been following the plan fully for the last 3 weeks and I’ve noticed that all my joint and muscle pain has gone”. (Bernie)

“I really am feeling a lot better than when we started only when you hear others saying about their joint pain going that you realise your own are better also”. (Marie)

“Really enjoyed the gut health programme, all the recipes are right up my alley”.  (Aimee)

“I was diagnosed as a coeliac in a biopsy aged 10 and was avoiding gluten from that age. Yet over the years my stomach still never felt quite right. I never had a regular bowel movement and altered between constipation and diarrhoea.  I often felt bloated and gassy, that silent and deadly type of gas which was embarrassing socially. I found it difficult at times to plan my days as I always had that worry of trying to find a bathroom if suddenly needed. Some days my jeans would fit but the next day they wouldn’t and I just couldn’t figure out why.

After binging on lots of cheese boards over Christmas my stomach was in bits and I felt bloated and sore.  The moment I saw Caroline’s 6 week gut programme advertised I signed up immediately, it was perfect timing!  I liked the idea of being committed to a programme for 6 weeks, I liked the structure of the course and enjoyed learning about new foods and gut health in general. The recipes were brilliant and family friendly.  I also found the supplements helpful. 

After 6 weeks I felt amazing.  I’m now going to the toilet daily with a perfectly formed poo which has never happened in my entire life! I’m not as bloated and gone are my gas issues and stomach gurgling in the evening.  I no longer worry about planning my day for any surprising toilet visits.  

If you really want to find out what’s causing your gut issues, if you are ready to make the necessary changes and have the time to commitment to it, then this programme is for you.  I couldn’t have done it on my own. Thanks Caroline, I thought it was brilliant and life changing”
(Regina, 42, Killiney)

“Before taking part in Caroline’s IBS Gut Healing Course, I considered my diet ‘healthy’ and ‘consistent’, however most times it was just convenient and my body felt sluggish, stressed and often over-full (bloated). Often in an evening trying to relax with wine, it would only enhance the feeling of discomfort.

After joining the course I took more responsibility for the quality and variety of food I was eating. The participation in the six week course gave me the support to continue. After a few weeks I started to notice that my cravings for sugar, salt and convenience foods totally went which I was delighted with. Then the focus began, and I could feel my gut healing every time I ate. I felt a quick improvement in reduced muscle aches, joint pains and I had a feeling of overall wellbeing

It is not easy to make these changes but we owe it to ourselves to discover what nutrition our body needs to stay healthy and it is not one diet that fits all. So give it a go!”
(Edward Keating)

"With lock-down going on for so long I was feeling a bit sluggish, lost with what health changes to make, where to start, and in need of a health boost. I’m a coeliac and very familiar with the impact that gluten had on my gut health but I was keen to find out more.

I really enjoyed Caroline’s six week Gut Healing course as it was a chance to reset my health. As a result, my headaches have gone, I have more energy, and my stomach is flatter!  

I felt like it was also a detox program but as its only 6 weeks, and you re-introduce some foods before the end, I would say to people to stick it out to get yourselves the best results for your efforts. I much more aware now of the foods that affect my gut health. I have already recommended this course to other people, and I would do it again!”

Sinead, Ashford Co. Wicklow.


The online group programme will support those of you with unpleasant, nagging IBS gut-related issues that you may have been suffering with for years. After 9 years of successfully providing one-to-one support to my clients with digestive issues, I have combined all off my learnings into this programme.

It’s ideal for anyone with typical IBS symptoms such as stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea and/or constipation. You might also be experiencing other symptoms such as low energy, low mood, nausea, loss of appetite, heart burn or food sensitivities.

When you sign up you’ll receive an information pack that contains a clear plan, shopping list, tried and tested recipes, menu planner, a journal and a pre and post questionnaire to measure your progress. There is the option to also purchase high quality supplements to boost the natural healing process. The supplements are totally optional, but if your budget allows, they are highly recommended.

You can share your journey and insights through the process and get lots of support in my closed Facebook group. You'll also be automatically booked onto my live programme webinars (one each week by zoom) giving you lots of support to keep you on track and giving you a wealth of science-based information on gut health. If you cannot make the live webinar a recording will go out to you afterwards.

Here is what you'll get when you sign up

  • An information pack as mentioned earlier
  • Support to help you identify the root cause of your IBS digestive health issues
  • Group support from others facing similar gut health issues in a private closed facebook page
  • Science based information on what’s important for a healthy gut in your 6 weekly LIVE zoom webinars on Wednesday evenings at 7pm (recorded for those who cannot make it)

The aim at the end is for...

  • Peace of mind when it comes to being out and about (less toilet worries, knowing your trigger foods and being prepared)
  • Less bloating
  • Less embarrassing flatulence
  • Better mood, memory and concentration (your gut and brain health are closely linked)
  • Improved energy from boosting your digestive function and ensuring that you’re absorbing your nutrients optimally
  • Weight loss from reducing carbohydrates, avoiding processed foods, eating lots of wholefoods and restoring your digestive health.

Suitability: this programme is not for everyone.  For example it’s not suitable for vegetarians or vegans as certain carbohydrate foods are restricted and protein foods sources are mainly from fish, meat and eggs.  Please read through these terms and conditions to check out if it suits you before purchasing the plan! Terms and Conditions