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Corporate Health

Caroline Seale, founder and director of Discover Nutrition, has worked with some of Ireland’s top companies (Bausch & Lomb, Boxever, Balfour Beatty Rail, Chester Beatty Museum, Coca-Cola, CoreHR, Ebay, Engine Lease Finance, First Data, FundAssist, Korizon Pharma, Keelings, Lease Plan Insurance, Liberty Information Technology, Merlyn Showering, Owens & Minor, Sanofi, Scotia Bank, Sun Life Financial, Tesco Ireland, Verizon Connect, Verizon Media) to bring health into the work place.

She also works as a Nutritional Consultant for VHI Corporate Solutions and visits many of their clients around the country providing nutrition talks, workshops and personalised one to one consultations.

Caroline understands the dynamics of a corporate environment having previously worked in marketing agencies (UK and Ireland) and the financial services industry (Bank of Ireland Head Office). She understands the daily pressures that corporate employees face and the benefits that healthy lifestyle changes can bring to help staff manage workloads and perform at their highest level. She has helped corporate employees understand the positive impact of changing nutrition and lifestyle habits, and uses her skills as an NLP practitioner to motivate and empower positive mindset changes that help employees to follow through on the necessary changes.

[Caroline Seale's nutrition talk below to staff at Liberty IT]

Caroline Seale's nutrition talk to Liberty IT


Workplace Wellness Days
Caroline was involved in Ireland’s first successful National Workplace Wellbeing Day in March 2015. 

If you would like to involve Caroline in your wellbeing day please contact her on 087 1266525 to discuss tailoring a package to suit your budget requirements.

If you are organising a Workplace wellness day, Caroline can also provide stands on “Healthy Eating Snack Options”, ” “Soup Tasting Lunchtime stands“. “Immune boosting smoothies”.

Personalised and confidential one to one staff consultations
Option to avail of onsite one to one consultations. 15, 30 or 60 minute consultations provided depending on staff availability. Short questionnaire filled out in advance by staff members and recommendations personalised to individual.

Talks (Choose from any option below)

"Thank you so much for organising and hosting such an insightful talk today, its greatly appreciated. There were some great learnings from the presentation, where everyone who attended the talk really enjoyed it."  Tesco Ireland

Nutrition tips to help boost energy levels

  • How blood sugar levels become unbalanced and the health effects
  • Specific foods to give a “natural lift”
  • Healthy meals & snack ideas to boost energy and focus
  • Health benefits of less sugar
  • How to calculate sugar consumption
  • Reading food labels
  • Food & beverages high in added sugar 

Stress Management & Nutrition

  • Impact of Stress on the body & recognising the early signs
  • Impact of Stress on the digestive health and nutrient absorption
  • How stress can affect eating habits
  • Key nutrients that stress depletes
  • How to replace those nutrients through the diet
  • Tips on how to manage stress

Nutrition for Fitness

  • Nutrition and physical performance
  • Glycogen loading, why & when it’s needed
  • Healthy snacks before and after training
  • Importance of hydration
  • Impact of overtraining

Fast Meals for a Busy Lifestyle

  • The key components of a nutrient balanced dinner
  • Recipes provided to suit all tastes (vegetarian, meat eaters, celiac, gluten free/dairy free)
  • The ideal dinner plate!
  • No complicated ingredients, freezable recipes, quick to prepare
  • Tips for eating out and choosing healthy takeaways
  • Option to provide a cookery demo if time & budget allows

Nutrition for healthy hearts

  • Risk factors for heart disease
  • How to lower raised blood pressure through diet & lifestyle changes
  • Key nutrients for optimal heart health
  • Heart healthy and cholesterol friendly meal plans
  • Optional: heart health risk assessment using BP+ pulscor Cardioscope technology. More details available on request.

Achieving a Healthy Body Shape

  • How to lose weight without fad diets and hunger pains
  • How to reduce food cravings
  • Weight promoting habits to avoid
  • Portion sizes and control
  • Mindful eating to support weight loss
  • Tips for long term weight management

Nutrition for Shift Workers

  • Effects of shift work on the body (metabolism, digestion of food etc)
  • How the timing of food choices is different when working day / night shifts
  • Striking the balance nutritionally
  • Practical tips for eating healthy on a tight budget

Marketing support

With a BA honours degree in Marketing and a background in corporate marketing, Caroline can also provide support to help promote any of your health & wellbeing corporate initiatives. 

Services include:

  • Event management
  • Scripting marketing collateral
  • Co-ordinating agency design & print
  • Writing staff communications for newsletter and intranet site.

Contact Caroline Seale today for further details 


“Employee wellbeing is a high priority for companies because of its positive
impact on productivity and absenteeism. With 11 million days lost through absenteeism every year at a cost of €1.5bn* (approx €818 per employee), improving employee wellbeing is in everyone’s best interest.”

*IBEC Report 2011