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  • More people die in Ireland every year from cardiovascular disease than any other disease.
  • It develops in silence, over many years and is usually very advanced by the time people experience any symptoms.
  • Women watch out too! The number of deaths from heart disease and stroke is now virtually the same for men and women.
  • However…… Heart Disease is Preventable! Up to 80% of heart disease & stroke is preventable through lifestyle change.

Heart Health

Risk assessment

Caroline Seale, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and owner of Discover Nutrition can provide you with a quick, non invasive risk assessment using Cardio Pulse-Wave analysis technology.

This technology is clinically proven to measure your Central Aortic Systolic blood pressure (CASP), 99% as accurate as an angiogram. CASP is a strong risk factor for heart attacks, and reducing this can reduce your risk. It also measures:

  • Arterial stiffness
  • Heart rhythm
  • Central blood pressure (CASP)
  • Standard blood pressure

If you are overweight or have an issue with cholesterol, blood pressure, angina, fatigue, chest pain, poor circulation, diabetes or have a family history with heart disease, then why not secure your peace of mind and book an assessment today.

The assessment takes 1 hour and includes a print out of results along with personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Cost: €85.

Heart health risk assessment - €85.00 

To book a risk assessment, click here to Contact Caroline

Disclaimer: We offer appropriate guidance to improve overall health and wellbeing. We do not offer diagnosis or medical intervention and suggest clients refer to their physician where assessments indicate abnormalities such as higher than average blood pressure or higher than average central aortic blood pressure, a high pulse rate or an irregular heartbeat.